The Only
Customer Success
for Legal Tech

Jade helps Legal Tech companies increase conversion and retention by creating onboarding experiences lawyers love.

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Customer Success
for Legal Tech

Jade creates in-app product tours and customer support messages to help LegalTech companies increase conversion and retention.

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Lawyers aren't your average tech users.
Why use average customer success?

You’re not imagining it: selling to lawyers is hard. On top of demoing all your features, you have to hit every item on their compliance checklist. And when your customers are on billable hours, you have to do it fast.

TL;DR: You have to do the impossible—do more, in less time. 

Stop competing with client work.
Start leveraging it.

Let’s face it: no matter how great your product is, client work will always come first to lawyers. They took an oath that says so.

Lawyers need demos that don’t interrupt their workflows—demos that happen while they’re working.

Jade puts demos right inside your product—and right inside a lawyer's work.

Save time and resources
by trading 1:1 demos for in-app product tours,
personalized by practice area and jurisdiction.

Get to “a-ha” moments faster
by solving real problems for real matters.
Increase customer engagement
through automatic customer support that
helps users before they get stuck.

The only customer success platform
designed for Legal Tech

Legal Tech products have complex capabilities and sophisticated end-users. The generalist customer success platforms out there just weren’t made to handle the endless amounts of unique workflows in the legal industry. So instead of saving you time and money, they do the opposite.

Customer Success = Your Success. Guaranteed.

  • 100% FREE until your subscription pays for itself. Yep, you read that right.
  • Connecting Jade to your product is as easy as CTRL+V. No developers needed.
  • Need help? You've got the CEO's direct line. We're a small startup. You have our undivided attention.