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We're here to help lawyers love your software.

To empower legal tech companies to drive technology adoption for a more efficient legal industry and greater access to justice.
Seamless, scalable onboarding and demos that help every legal tech company succeed.
💥 Embrace change.
We practice what we preach to the legal industry. We believe there's always room for improvement and continuously ask how we can do things better.

🧪 Experiment often.
We believe business is both an art and a science. Ideas are hypotheses to be tested and tweaked. Wash, rinse, repeat.

🎬 Talk less, do more.
We empower our team to make decisions and act autonomously. We take risks, fail fast, and celebrate failures as learning opportunities.

🤓 Weird is welcome.
We cultivate a culture of openness, both with others and within ourselves. We embrace our differences as assets to our business and actively seek to bring new perspectives to the table.

💡 Think big.
We believe the best solutions start as daydreams about a better world. For the right "why," we can always figure out the "how."

The Cliché Note From Our Founder

Smiling photo of Gillian Fishman, CEO of Jade. Gillian has brown wavy hair and hazel eyes, and is wearing a black v-neck shirt.

The Cliché Note From Our Founder

(I know, I know. You're reading it though. That's on you.)

Hey 👋 I'm Gillian, founder of Jade. I'm the biggest fangirl you never knew you had.

I fell in love with Legal Tech in law school and spent my entire legal career trying to drive tech adoption behind the scenes—as a litigator, as in-house counsel, even while leading the legal team at a startup.

But despite my job environment becoming more and more tech forward, it never got easier to implement new technology, and I never understood why.

The epiphany hit me when my boss hung up without warning in the middle of a tech demo—one of those demos where you watch the sales guy click around a screen for 30 minutes. As soon as she left, my gut told me two things:

1. Lawyers aren't the same as other tech users.
2. The methods we're using to drive Legal Tech adoption just aren't working.

I started Jade to create a solution that does work. A solution that empowers Legal Tech companies to provide demos, onboarding, and support that lawyers love.

A better legal industry starts with better Legal Tech adoption, and Legal Tech adoption starts with conversion.

- Gillian Fishman, Founder & CEO

P.S. We're Hiring!

We're always looking for talented people who love Legal Tech to join us on our mission.
Drop us a line by email or through our contact form.