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I Spent 4 Weeks Uncovering Lawyers’ Top Objections To Tech. Here’s What I Found.

Learn the most common objections lawyers have when buying Legal Tech, and what Legal Tech companies can do to overcome those objections and close the deal.
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Selling Legal Tech To Lawyers Is Tough. Here’s Why.

Typical buyer personas don't capture the full picture when it comes to selling Legal Tech to lawyers. Learn why the Legal Tech sales process is so unique.
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Top 6 Resources For Calculating The Size Of The Legal Tech Market

If you're a Legal Tech founder struggling to find reliable resources for calculating your TAM, this guide is for you!
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What It’s Really Like To Survive The Founder Institute

Although the Founder Institute is the largest pre-seed accelerator in the world, it’s surprisingly hard to find an objective review. Here's what it's really like, from someone who made it across the finish line.
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Entrepreneurs share about pivoting their company

In an interview for entrepreneurship blog We Live To Build, Gillian shares about pivoting from developing a solution for lawyers to developing a solution for Legal Tech companies.
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